We are often confused about the tasks of an interior designer. A designer is NOT an architect nor a decorator. An interior designer fits somewhere in between the two! A designer is a professional that can, thanks to their ability to analyze and their expertise, improve and transform interior spaces.

During their training, interior designers learn how to apply construction and
architecture techniques. They study the national building code and learn how to plan layouts for residential, institutional, industrial and commercial settings. For example: stores, boutiques, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.

When working on a project, the designer analyzes the needs and wants of a client. They dissect and develop concepts. They can make plans and take into account construction work - which are essential to the evaluation of a project. Designers can also assist with obtaining quotes, permits and the execution of the work required.


Are you a designer?

You are an interior designer, working on relooking and or home staging and seeking for a complete line of themed products among nautical/coastal, beach house for a cottage, recreative vehicle (RV), house, office, restaurant or business? Contact us at contact@nauticodeco.com to discuss on a partnership.

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